Nevsky 90-92

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Rules of the club

We allow entering only men of our kind. We do not have negative people, inadequate companies and other questionable audience in our club.

People visit us only for a special purpose because we do not allow to enter the club without entrance fee payment or club card.

It is obviously not the club for scholars or students, therefore people under 21 should find another place for entertainment.

There is no place for fightings, pyrotechnic explosions, shootings using any kind of gun or other accidents in the Chicago-X club. The administrator has a right to search a visitor and his equipment on the club entrance.

It is strongly prohibited to take poisonous, toxic and flammable substances, drugs, any kind of weapon (regardless of the presence of the documents giving the right to carry) and means of personal protection to the club.

We have a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails and hookahs in our bar, therefore we do not allow to bring your own bottles.

No one from the Chicago-X stip-club female staff does not provide any kind of sexual services. Any request or hint in that direction will lead to termination of services for a client without refund.


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